Muddy Buddy: LeaAnn Fuller

LeaAnn Fuller makes it a priority to improve the lives of other women. She has spearheaded the popular Adopt-a-Mom for Christmas initiative, which provides gifts to local women who are facing financial or personal burdens. As a women’s empowerment coach, speaker and author, she’s helping women from all walks of life flourish in their personal power. And this journey has not only been beneficial for the women she helps, it’s also helped her nurture her own growth as well.

When asked what made her decide, for the first time, to participate in this year’s Mudfest, LeaAnn said, “I have always wanted to, but always had an excuse not to. I have eliminated the excuses in my life, and now I am ready.”

Over the course of a year, LeaAnn has embarked on a journey toward a healthier lifestyle, and as she prepares for Mudfest, she plans to continue on that journey, both mentally and physically.

What does she have to say for those still thinking about participating, but are still holding back from signing up? “Just go for it! Take the leap and sign up. You are among friends and we are all in this together. The only way to fail is to not try it. The only thing stopping you really is you!”

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